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Frequently asked questions.

  • Can I upgrade from one plan to another?

Answer: YES, if you meet the purchase target of the next level you will be upgraded and you will get that levels discount.

  • Who will handle the logistics fee of the products to my location?

Answer: The logistics will be handled by the reseller but we will assist in getting the best logistics deal for you.

  • Can I be a reseller and also an affiliate?

Answer: Yes you can.

  • Can I refer people directly to you for those that need branded items?

Answer: Yes you can, when you do this you will earn an affiliate commission

  • Will the resellers be promoted using our platforms?

Answer:  No, we will offer you the necessary support you need to succeed aside promoting you on our platform.

  • Am I compelled to sell at the MRSP (Minimum Retail Selling Price)?

Answer: you are advised to sell that the MRSP or slightly higher but NOT lower than the MRSP price.

  • Can I purchase additional SKU (product) that is not included in a particular plan?

Answer: Yes, you can and you will get the same plan discount and you will be on your way to hitting your target.

  • Can I have pictures of the products in my plan for promotion?

Answer: Yes, we will share some pictures with you.

  • Will I be getting Training’s?

Answer : Yes, we will be organizing customer care training’s and product training to better equip you to be successful with this opportunity.

  • After I place my order for a particular plan how long will it take to receive the products?

Answer: the products will be ready within 3 weeks or less.

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