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The adverse effects of single-use plastics cannot be overemphasized and through sensitization, advocacy, appeal, collaborations, and the products and services we sell, we have strategized and remained dedicated to our goal of reducing to the barest minimum, the consumption of single-use plastics.

Today more than ever, we look back and see the great impact of taking up this journey and of truth; we know that Earth has smiled at us.
TPPCNG is an organization committed to anchoring and establishing an eco-friendly environment starting from Nigeria and connecting to every eco-friendly establishment across the globe.

Since our establishment in 2014, we have set off to reducing and eliminating, by all means, the use of single-use plastics and every disguise of it, particularly in the food industry where plastics are consumed very frequently.

We can’t wait to get you involved in all our activities. Welcome to The Paper Packaging Company!!

Ruth Okezie
Ruth Okezie

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